Questionnaire to Members March 2021


Early Spring - Acrylic - Jan Milsom 

Returning to Normal Post-Lockdown

On 19th March, the Secretary circulated the questionnaire below to email-enabled members of Warsash Art Group. This was to get a feel of how and when people might feel safe returning to face-to-face evening meetings and classes knowing what we do at the moment about the timetable for lifting lockdown restrictions in England. Also how much interest there is among our members now in tutored classes on Tuesday mornings at St. Mary's Church Hall, Warsash and the informal untutored Wednesday afternoon painting sessions in Sarisbury Green. Responses so far (25th March) indicate generally that people would feel safe returning to face-to-face activities in the early summer or September provided they have had both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine and the are social distancing measures in place in the halls. As the UK vaccine roll out during the first three months of 2021 has gone well all or most of our members age 50 and over have had at least their first dose and a few of the over-80s have had their second. As there are lots of unknowns, including the possibility of the journey out of lockdown slowing / stalling in the event of a third wave, it remains difficult to plan ahead. 

This is a copy of the questionnaire. If you're a member of Warsash Art Group and didn't get the email and would like to respond, please contact Joan the Secretary

Questionnaire to Members Spring 2021

Last month, the Westminster Government published a timetable for easing Covid-19 lockdown restrictions in England with provisional dates which are subject to change according to the Covid-19 situation. Theoretically, halls should be able to open by May and the earliest date for lifting restrictions completely is 21st June, but there are no detailed guidelines yet for each stage after April. It remains difficult for us, then and the halls we use to plan ahead. For now, we would like to get an idea of what our Members would feel safe / comfortable doing, and when, provided the timetable remains on course. We are also considering holding the our Annual General Meeting online via Zoom during the next few months. That enable everyone to have their say,  see faces and elect a new Committee. We need people to join as we are now short of numbers, meaning the potential for the remaining members being overloaded and things possibly being put on hold if people are indisposed /unavailable. We need someone to shadow Treasurer Jane Johnson and Joan Lee (Secretary-cum-messenger).  

1. Annual General Meeting

Would you consider attending an online AGM during the next few months? Information about how to join it and participate will be given nearer the time. Yes / No?

2. Monthly Thursday evening artist talks and demonstrations at St. Mary’s Church Hall, Warsash, 7.30pm

When would you feel safe attending these? July / September / not until next year?

3.Tutored Tuesday classes at St. Mary’s Church Hall, Warsash with Kay LePoidevin. Fees tbc but probably around £60 per person per ten week term.  Provisional dates: Tuesday 22nd June – 27th July for 6 weeks, or a full ten week term with the 4 weeks of August added.  Autumn: 21st Sept – 23rd November (10 weeks). Morning 10.30am – 12.30pm. Afternoon 1.30pm – 3.30pm.

a)     Are you interested in attending  in 2021? If yes, morning or afternoon?

b)     Do you feel safe attending them again in late June / September / not until next year?

4. Untutored Wednesday classes. Provisionally, WAG has secured space at the Sarisbury Green Community Centre at the new time of 1.00pm – 3.00pm. The fee would be around  £25 per person for a ten week term. Provisional dates: 6 weeks from Wednesday 23rd June, or 10 if add 4 weeks in August. 15th September – 24th November, 10 weeks.

a)     Are you interested in attending them in 2021? Yes / No

b)     Do you feel safe attending them again in late June / September / not until next year?

c)     If you have any ideas for improving them and encouraging more people to attend, please say so.


5. If you are free to attend any of the above at the corresponding times, what would encourage you or put you off doing so, e.g. social distancing measures? Fees  perhaps needing to increase to cover the costs in the event of social distancing reducing hall capacity? The need to provide details for contact tracing, as was required at most indoor venues after the first lockdown? Other?

6. Other comments?


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